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HABA Award

Mr. Nicolas Bornozis, Founder, President & CEO, Capital Link, Inc., was honored with the “2023 Executive of the Year Award” by HABA - Hellenic American Association for Professionals in Finance, on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, in New York, at The Union League Club of New York, in a full room with a large audience of more than 300 people, including prominent personalities of the Greek – American community. The award ceremony was held in the context of the celebration of HABA’s 39th anniversary.

HABA recognized and honored Mr. Nicolas Bornozis for his commitment throughout his whole career (40+ years), in promoting Greece as a business and investment destination to the international and particularly the American financial community, as well as, in raising the profile of Greek Shipping to a wider audience worldwide, and more specifically for his below achievements:

  • Starting in 1994, Nicolas hosted the first roadshow for the Athens Stock Exchange in the United States (with the then President Nikitas Niarchos) and brought the Greek Stock market to the attention of US investors.
  • In November 2002, Nicolas contribution was instrumental in the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the New York and Athens Stock Exchanges.

“Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum” - New York

  • Realizing the importance of creating a platform which would systematically raise the profile of Greece among US investors, he and his sister Olga created the “Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum” in 1997. The Forum is held annually in New York, and this year the event celebrates its 25th anniversary.
  • The forum is an International Summit about Greece hosted in New York. It’s the longest running financial forum about Greece, held abroad, and has a proven track record and wide acceptance within the business, financial and investment communities. The event is organized in cooperation with the New York Stock Exchange, and recently also with the cooperation of the Athens Stock Exchange, as well as with major Global Investment Banks. The event gathers top level executives from the business world, from both the public and private sectors, bringing together a number of international investors, entrepreneurs, banking executives and technocrats. Top Government officials from Greece, Europe and The United States, present to American investors, in a comprehensive and thorough way, the latest developments and the prospects of the Greek economy.
  • This Forum is held annually despite the political and economic conditions in Greece.  All Greek governments regardless of political orientation have used this event to reach out to the US investment, business and financial community. The Forum has contributed significantly to developing closer ties between the US and Greek business, in these business areas. In the context of the event, the New York Stock Exchange in cooperation with Capital Link organize a special ceremony honoring the "Greek American Issuer Day at NYSE", during which Greek & Greek American companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange ring the “Opening” or “Closing Bell” - at NYSE-New York Stock Exchange. During that day The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) flies the Greek flag on Wall Street. The event is being broadcasted live on major news stations in the United States and abroad to an audience of millions of viewers worldwide and it is an event of unique visibility throughout the world.

“Annual Capital Link Sustainability Forum” - Athens

  • The "Annual Capital Link Sustainability Forum" is organized for 13 consecutive years, focusing on the latest developments in the field of Sustainability in Greece and abroad, taking into account the new trends but also challenges in Sustainability, Finance & Investments. This way, the Forum showcases Greek companies’ active shift and focus on Sustainability, their alternative action methods at all stages of production that help reduce their environmental footprint, enhance transparency in Corporate Governance as well as sensitivity on a humanitarian level.
  • The Forum is organized annually with the participation of representatives from the Greek Government, the Local Government Authorities, senior executives from the public and private sectors in Greece as well as distinguished Greek-American Entrepreneurs and Greek Diaspora members.

Greek and International Shipping

  • Capital Link assists Greek and International listed companies, in the US Stock Exchanges (NYSE & NASDAQ), as well in European Stock Exchanges (Oslo, Euronext, Milan), by supporting their approach and communication with investors and financiers, and also helps them with their presence within the industry worldwide. 
  • Capital Link is also known for the organization of 18 top-level investment and shipping forums in 10 countries in Europe, the United States and Asia – in key industry centers: Athens, Hamburg, London, Limassol, Oslo, New York, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong.
  • Capital Link Forums raise the profile of Greek shipping to a wider investor, financial and shipping audience, worldwide. The Forums are recognized and honored by the participation of top-level executives of major international shipping organizations and associations, as well as top industry leaders and influential players from Greek and international shipping.

Capital Link Leadership Awards

  • In the context of Capital Link Forums, in Athens and in New York, the “Capital Link Leadership Awards” are being presented on an annual basis, honoring the important contribution and lifetime achievements of one or more prominent industry personalities/companies/organizations, for their contribution to society and for promoting the profile of Greece and Greek culture globally, or shipping, depending on the event.              

Online Presence

  • Capital Link has launched one of the more reliable and recognizable websites that provide constant flow of information and data, including forums, podcasts, webinars and also featuring interviews about critical issues, related to investments in Greece and shipping.
  • Capital Link has also been the first event organizer to turn their events to full scale digital conferences in 2020 when the pandemic started, and also kept on organizing digital Forums throughout the years of lockdown, when online communication was the only way of contact.