New York - London - Athens - Oslo

Our senior staff has a long track record in banking, finance, capital markets, securities brokerage and investment management, providing us with unique understanding of the global capital markets and ability to present our clients to the investment community.

Nicolas Bornozis, the President of Capital Link, is a graduate of Harvard Business School with 30 years of experience in the US financial and capital markets.

A Wall Street driven, results oriented approach

We operate more like a boutique investment bank rather than a traditional Investor Relations firm.

Our objective is to guide our clients in enhancing long term shareholder value and achieve proper valuation by establishing adequate access and proper positioning in the investment community.

We help them to determine their objectives, establish the proper investor outreach strategies, generate a recurring information flow, identify the proper investor and analyst target groups and gather investor and analyst feedback and related market intelligence information while keeping track of their peer group.

Comprehensive and vertically integrated service solutions

We support our clients with vertically integrated services, which address all operational aspects of an IR program, streamlining our services into efficient and cost effective packages.

Our services combine in-depth IR expertise, extensive technological capabilities, as well as traditional and in-house media, which are also backed by proven and effective marketing platforms.

Powerful marketing platforms to the wider investment community

Our platforms enable our clients to take full advantage of the vast potential of the U.S. capital markets. Through specifically crafted programs for each target group, we provide access to institutional investors, financial advisors, individual investors, analysts and trade and financial media.

In addition to programs tailored to the profile and needs of each individual client, we further enhance their visibility offering a network of information portals, webinars, investment conferences, in-house media and sector newsletters, which enjoy high acceptance and distinction within the investment community.

Unique access and recognition in the investment community

Capital Link is a highly reputable brand in the investment community, reflecting our regular and frequent interaction with end-investors, analysts, as well as investment banks and brokerage houses. Over our 17-year history, we have built extensive, updated and highly targeted databases of investors, analysts and financial media in the US, UK and the rest of Europe.

Highly customized and personalized focus

We use a highly customized and personalized approach for each individual client, focusing on each company's profile, requirements and objectives.

Local infrastructure - global approach

Capital Link has a local presence in New York, London and Athens. Therefore, we have the ability to coordinate strategy implementation for our clients in major international financial centers.