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With its headquarters in New York and presence in London and Athens, Capital Link has been active since 1995 in the field of Investor Relations and Financial Communication. Its activities focus mainly on three areas: 1) Linking companies with strategic and institutional investors, bankers, analysts, and the financial media in Europe and the United States, 2) American Closed-End Funds and ETFs, 3) Listed shipping Companies. Capital Link's programs combine IR, IT and financial media in one comprehensive package enabling Companies to maximize their penetration and recognition in the global investment community.

Capital Link maintains close collaboration with the three main US Stock Exchanges (New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange (now part of NYSE) and NASDAQ), the London Stock Exchange, the Athens Stock Exchange as well as numerous companies in Greece, Europe, US and Chile. It also organizes annually in New York, London, Athens and Shanghai a series of Investment Forums focusing on its main activity fields (

Capital Link has a leading position globally in the area of Investor Relations with respect to shipping, as it cooperates with the majority of shipping companies listed on the three US Stock Exchanges, as well as in London (LSE and AIM) and Milan. Capital Link is by far the most recognizable IR firm in this sector with unique access to investors, analysts, media and bankers. It has built the most extensive and effective platform for linking Listed shipping Companies with the investment community in Europe and the United States. Capital Link is a member of the Baltic Exchange and organizes regularly Analyst and CEO Forums on tankers, containers and dry bulk shipping. Additionally, it holds annually the "Invest in International Shipping" Capital Link Forums in New York and London. Finally, it also maintains a shipping portal with information on all UK and US Listed shipping Companies (

Capital Link has also a leading position in US Closed-End funds and ETFs, as it cooperates with the major fund sponsors in these sectors. The Annual Capital Link "Closed-End Fund and Global ETF" Forum taking place in New York, celebrating its 13th year, is considered the most significant Forum of the sector. In the context of this Forum, Capital Link organizes the "Annual Closed-End Fund & Global ETF Awards" which recognize funds and managers who adhere to high standards of Corporate Governance, financial disclosure and Investor Relations. Capital Link also maintains a portal with information on these funds (

Capital Link has built one of the most extensive and effective networks for the promotion of international companies that want to access the European and US capital markets. In this area, Capital Link has built extensive regional expertise across developed and emerging markets having worked with listed companies and capital markets related organizations from several countries, including Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Greece, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States. Also, broad and diversified industry expertise with a client base across several sectors - banking & finance, chemicals, cement & construction, food and beverage, insurance, investment management, IT & computers, mining, oil & energy, packaging, pharmaceuticals & cosmetics, retailing, telecommunications, transportation etc.

Capital Link is proud to have worked with several governmental organizations organizing presentations to U.S. investors for the Finance Ministers of Bulgaria, France, Greece and Portugal. We have worked with the majority of Stock Exchanges in the United States and Europe (New York, American, NASDAQ, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Athens Exchange, Euronext, London Stock Exchange/ AIM, Deutsche Boerse, Lisbon Stock Exchange, MICEX, Swiss Exchanges. The Paris Bourse was our first client in 1995.

We are humbled that our efforts have been recognized by the 2011 Greek Shipping Lloyds Awards and in 2012, 2013 and 2014 by Intercontinental Finance Magazine.

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